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Let’s All Go Birding in Volcanoes National Park, You Will Never Guess What Awaits You When You Get There.

Volcanoes National Park is nothing but tropical paradise which gives you an opportunity to encounter the magnificent mountain gorillas and it has made a name for its self as a centre for stunning gorilla tours Rwanda.

However many people don’t get to know is that there is so much more that Volcanoes National park can offer an Africa safari-goer can enjoy on top of a stunning Rwanda gorilla tour in Volcanoes National park.

One of the other overlooked activity in Volcanoes is birding. A Rwanda birding safari experience in Volcanoes National Park gives you an opportunity to encounter several of the 180 bird species that exist in this tropical forest many of which 16 of these are endemic species to the Albertine rift.

While on a Rwanda birding safari in volcanoes these are some of the bird species you can expect to encounter.

handsome francolin

The handsome francolin

This bird species has a dark reddish-brown plumage, grey head, redlegs and bills with a rufous grey under part and brown iris.

The younger handsome francolin has a duller plumage but in adulthood, both male and female birds look the same with a wingspan of up to 35 cm long.

ruwenzori turaco

The Ruwenzori turaco

The Rwenzori turaco has a body length of 45cm and an average bodyweight of 211-256g and has a monkey-like “chk chk chk” or “ik ik ik krowng” call sound

Ruwenzori batis

This is a small, active black and white flycatcher like bird with dark bluish-black underparts, a white stripe along the wing and black thighs, the Ruwenzori batis has also glossy bluish-black breast band in its underparts.

Both the male and female Ruwenzori batis look alike although the males have red eyes while the females sometimes have orangey-red eyes.

The young ones are also similar to adults except that their plumage has a more rufous cast. This species has a length of 11-12 cm and an average weight of 8-15.5 grams. This bird habituates in the afro montane forests at an altitude between 1340-3300 m

Ruwenzori double collared sunbird

This species is closely related to Ludwig’s double collared sunbird and prirogrine’s double collared sunbird. The only difference arises from their different locations and habitats. The Ruwenzori double collared sunbird, therefore, is an Albertine rift endemic sunbird that is located in the Ruwenzori and Albertine rift regions.

Arche’s robin chat

This bird is also known as the archer’s ground robin it has a body length of 15 cm with an average weight of 20-26 grams. The species has a curious melancholy loud trilled piping voice that is made throughout the day.

dusky crimsonwing

Dusky Crimsonwing

The dusky crimson wing birds have an average length of 11cm and an average weight of 14 grams. The males have their heads in red nape grey with dark crimson red upperparts but the upper wings and tail blackish grey with the side of the neck to chin, throat and underparts being dark grey.

This species makes a call voice of a soft “tzeek” or “tsit” sound and also a soft trilling “geegeegeegee” sound


Ruwenzori nightjar

The Ruwenzori Nightjar has a chocolate brown draped plumage and it has a male nightjar body length of 22-24cm or 9ich with bodyweight 43-55g while the female nightjar weighs between 41-57g.

The male Ruwenzori nightjar white spots on its four primaries and also its tail edge is white. The female nightjar is buff colored spots on its four primaries.

The Ruwenzori nightjar makes an “ank ank ank” sound call that is followed by a high pitch whistle of “peeeee, pee-uuu

Next time we meet we will look at the Musanze caves

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