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Rwanda Safari Luggage & Necessities

When one decides to delve into the depths of the Rwanda jungles and safari experience, there are certain essentials one must have.

Keep in mind Rwanda is the land of a thousand hills so you likely to do lots of climbing. We can quite compare this to gearing for war or that important meeting; you set your tools and mind for what is to come.

A soldier certainly doesn’t forget his sergeant’s training or checking his ammunition and gun park, so should A Rwanda Safari enthusiast when they take their maiden safari or return for yet another. After all it is better to be safe than sorry.

Tour sites, experts and travel agents and companies usually give the best advice. It is no longer worth the sweat for one to hustle with planning their travel.

With a good travel agent all can be arranged to get you and your family the ultimate true Safari memory. It is prudent that you do research on the various agents check out their services, pricing and reputation and standard and make your booking earlier so your trip is planned to your liking.

With that out of the way, here’s what you should carry on your Rwanda safari;


Clear and receptive mindset is essential on a safari in Rwanda because it all starts in the mind. Thoughts are makers so filter out the negative thoughts and energy you have heard about your destination.  Let only positivity through.

If you came looking for adventure, your heart will be set free with the adrenaline rush of the site of wildlife or a rafting experience.

One needs clear mindset to experience the weather and activities to give that relaxing effect.  It’s vital to pay attention to everything if you have never been to Rwanda before. In other words one must let Rwanda in, for Rwanda to rejuvenate him/her.


Rwanda experiences optimum weather elements due its presence in the equatorial region. It is never reaches the extreme.

Since most of the safaris are recommended during the dry seasons. Light clothing is recommended with short sleeved shirts.

Many people also prefer cargo pants and shorts when on safari. This however depends on the destination on is to take while on tour.

To shed more light to this, one is not advised to go for gorilla tracking in Rwanda while in shorts. This is because as you navigate through thick forests, it’s advisable to keep the legs covered to avoid scratches from branches and reduce insect bites.


It is important to read and gain information about your destination. This can be through travel magazines, travel guides that are obtained before or when you arrive for you trip.

One can also make a checklist or checkbook to check off the activities as they proceed with their trip. The information you read can later be verified by your guide and help write a good review of your trip.


As you trend through the jungles, parks and cities of Rwanda like Akagera and so forth. One needs the right footwear.

This footwear should not only be strong but light and durable. People usually confuse strong with heavy but the right footwear is strong, light and durable.

Waterproof is an added advantage as your safari may include moving in water lodged areas. Light enables to be easily lifted off the ground.


While in Rwanda, a tourist is prone to a couple of tropical diseases like malaria, influenza and others. Though there is usual mandatory vaccination for some of these, it is always good to be safe than sorry. A pack of a malaria dose and insect repellent will surely come in handy. Painkillers are also a good idea to keep around you.


There are many accessories to carry on a safari. These vary from binoculars, cameras, flashlights. Pictures taken can be a good memory of tour trip.

Pictures taken by tourists are known to be the best for their great detail. It can be a great thing to show your kids and friends back home of that safari in Rwanda.

In addition, Rwanda, to the naked eye, is remarkable. Rwanda viewed behind a pair of magnification binoculars is exquisite. Using binoculars will emphasise the beauty with the clarity and appreciation it deserves.

The birds and animals are decorated with patterns and features so delicate and colours so unique, it is almost impossible to tear your eyes away from them.

Apart from that, all you need is yourself, a handful of friends or family (optional) and a sense of adventure. So start packing, and join us for an amazing safari experience of a lifetime.