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Rwanda Gorilla Tours - Unforgettable Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari Trips

Rwanda Gorilla tours taking you gorilla trekking in Rwanda are the best for exploring Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda. Our gorilla safaris in Rwanda will take you deep into the jungle of Volcanoes National Park and trek the endangered gorillas in their natural habitat.

Trekking gorillas in Rwanda is currently the best way to explore Rwanda the land of a thousand hills and Rwanda is one of the outstanding countries in east Africa offering the best Africa gorilla tours. This is because it is one of the three countries where the Mountain Gorillas live the rest being Uganda and Congo.

Combining Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda With Gorilla Treks in Uganda & Congo

We craft amazing Rwanda gorilla safari packages that take you to the famous Virunga Mountains where Rwanda holds the highest number of gorillas compared to Uganda and Congo, making it a good destination for gorilla trekking. Mountain Gorilla tours in Rwanda will help you to walk with Gorillas that have over 98% DNA similarity with that of humans.

Gorilla tours in Rwanda will take you closest to the gentle giants for a thrilling one-on-one experience with a 3 meters distance away from them but with possibilities of having them closer. In addition to a Rwanda gorilla trek, you can as well opt to undertake gorilla trekking in Uganda in Bwindi National Park & Mgahinga Gorilla National Park as well as in Congo's Virunga National Park for mountain gorillas and Kahuzi Beiga National Park to trek and seeing the eastern lowland gorillas and gaze into their brown eyes. One can actually do a combined Congo, Rwanda and Uganda gorilla safari for to compare these gorillas

You Can Combine Rwanda Gorilla Trekking With Other Rwanda Safari Activities

Gorillas trekking in Rwanda is combined with other Rwanda safari activities to give you the full experience of Africa Rwanda safaris. These include wildlife safaris in Akagera National Park, chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe Forest National Park community cultural tours, mounatin hiking, nature walks, and Kigali city tours.

Contact Our Dedicated Expert Rwanda Gorilla Safaris Team And Together With You, We Shall Tailor For You Nothing Short of an Amazing Rwanda Gorilla Trek That Will Offer You an Unmatched African Gorilla Trek Adventure!!

Top 15 Rwanda Gorilla Tours 2024/2025

Book any of our most selling Rwanda gorilla tours OR customise your own itinerary. Let us begin planning your best Rwanda gorilla safari package with you now!!

Guide to Rwanda Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park

Rwanda Attractions

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is exclusively conducted in the breathtaking Volcanoes National Park, situated in the far northwest of the country within the Virunga Mountains, bordering Congo’s Virunga National Park. This park is one of the few places in East Africa where you can trek to see endangered gorillas, with other opportunities available in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Volcanoes National Park boasts 12 habituated Mountain gorilla families, each led by a dominant silverback gorilla, as witnessed during gorilla trekking Rwanda tours. During your gorilla Rwanda gorilla tour, there is an impressive 95% chance of encountering these gentle giants. This high likelihood also applies in Uganda safaris and DR Congo tours. No Rwanda gorilla trek visit is complete without a trip to Dian Fossey’s tomb.

The Mountain Gorilla Families in Volcanoes National Park

  • Susa Gorilla Family
  • Hirwa Gorilla Family
  • Igisha
  • Sabyinyo
  • Agashya
  • Amahoro
  • Karisimbi
  • Kwitonda
  • Umubano
  • Ugyenda
  • Muhoza
  • Bwenge

Gorilla tracking tours in Volcanoes National Park typically begin around 8 am and can last between 2 to 8 hours. Alongside the majestic gorillas, trekkers might spot various wildlife species, including numerous bird species and forest elephants. The hikes themselves are both beautiful and rewarding.

Volcanoes National Park has 14 gorilla family groups that are fully habituated, with a few others habituated for scientific research. All the Rwanda gorilla families within Volcanoes National Park at least consist of 1 dominant silverback along with several females and youngsters.

Cost of Rwanda Gorilla Permits

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Permit

A gorilla permit in Rwanda costs $1500. These permits must be purchased from the park authorities, through your Rwanda tour operator. Read More About Gorilla Permit Booking

Cost of a 1 Day Rwanda Gorilla Trek

A one-day gorilla tour in Rwanda, including the permit and transport, typically costs around $1700. While the cost may seem high, a significant portion goes towards gorilla conservation, making it a worthwhile African gorilla trekking expense.

The cost of the gorilla permits is as follows:

Non-residents$ 1500
Foreign residents$ 500
East African residents and citizens$ 200
African citizens or foreign residents in Africa$ 500

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Rules & Guidelines

How to Know the Best Time for Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safaris -Rwanda Safari News

These gorilla trekking rules and regulations are set for the conservation and protection of endangered mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. To ensure the safety and preservation of the gorillas, several rules must be followed:

  1. Visitors must be over 15 years old.
  2. A maximum of 8 people can visit a gorilla group per day.
  3. Wash your hands before the trek.
  4. Follow all instructions from your ranger guides.
  5. Human waste must be buried in a deep hole (at least 30 cm).
  6. Do not litter; carry out all trash.
  7. Avoid trekking if you have an infectious disease.
  8. Maintain a safe distance of at least 7 meters from the gorillas.
  9. Do not eat near the gorillas; maintain a distance of 200 meters.
  10. Smoking is prohibited in the presence of gorillas.
  11. Visitors are allowed to spend only one hour with the gorillas.
  12. Turn off the flash when photographing gorillas to avoid stressing them.

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking What to Wear on Your Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari?

rwanda gorilla trekking dressing code

Those wishing to go on a gorilla trek trip in Volcanoes National Park or on wildlife safaris in Akagera National Park should dress appropriately and put on clothing that will not inconvenience them. Clothes that make you comfortable can help you have successful gorilla tours.

This also works for Virunga National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Dress appropriately for the trek as recommended below for:

  • Long-sleeved light trousers and shirts in neutral colors.
  • Light hiking boots.
  • A cap or hat.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Garden gloves.
  • A rain jacket or poncho.

Packing List for Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda: What to Carry for a Rwanda Gorilla Trek? 

Below are some of the essential items you need most on the Rwanda gorilla trek in Volcanoes National Park:

  • Gorilla trekking permit.
  • Backpack.
  • A good camera with extra batteries and memory cards.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Walking sticks.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Bottled water.

Other Africa Gorilla Trekking Destinations 

Uganda Gorilla Safari Tours

Over half of the world’s endangered Mountain gorilla population resides in Uganda, with Bwindi National Park having about 500 members. Uganda Gorilla trekking tours are primarily conducted in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park.

Bwindi alone hosts around 21 habituated gorilla groups, making it a prime destination for gorilla safaris in Uganda. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park has 2 gorilla families.

A gorilla trekking permit in Uganda costs $800.

Congo Gorilla Trekking Tours

In Congo, gorilla trekking can be done in Virunga National Park or Kahuzi Biega National Park. Congo is unique in offering the chance to see both Mountain gorillas in Volcanoes Park and Eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega Park.

The permit for tracking gorillas in Congo costs $400, sold at the Park headquarters. Congo Gorilla safaris offer birding opportunities as you walk through the thick forests.

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda Vs Uganda and Congo

Comparing Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda, Uganda, and Congo: While the gorilla trekking experience is similar across these countries, there are notable differences:

  • Rwanda’s permits are the most expensive, at $1500, compared to $800 in Uganda and $400 in Congo.
  • Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is only a three-hour drive from Kigali airport, while Uganda’s Bwindi is a nine-hour drive from Entebbe, and Congo’s Virunga is a four- to five-hour drive from Kigali.
  • Rwanda and Uganda are generally safer than Congo.
  • Rwanda offers luxurious lodges, making it ideal for high-end tours.
  • Congo is unique for Eastern lowland gorilla trekking.
  • Uganda also offers diverse wildlife safari opportunities.

Rwanda Safari Activities to Add on Your Gorilla Trekking Tour in Volcanoes National Park

  1. Game Viewing in Akagera National Park 

Game-viewing tours in Akagera National Park are best enjoyed on wildlife safari game drives. You’ll search for wild animals such as Cape Buffalos, Lions, Zebras, Impalas, Topis, Rhinos, Bushbucks, Waterbucks, Leopards, and Hyenas, among others.

Therefore, don’t think that Kenya’s Masai Mara is the only place for wildlife viewing tours in East Africa!

  1. Chimpanzee Trekking in Nyungwe National Park

Although Rwanda is famous for gorillas, chimpanzee safaris are possible also in Rwanda, the Land of a Thousand Hills.

On most gorilla Rwanda safari packages, chimpanzee tracking safaris in Nyungwe Forest National Park are usually done before the Rwanda gorilla trek. Chimpanzee tracking expeditions to track Chimpanzees in Nyungwe Forest are among the most remarkable Rwanda safari activities; why should you miss it on your gorilla tour in Rwanda?

Other rewarding tourist activities in Rwanda to do:

  • Kigali city tours
  • Tracking golden monkeys will take you face-to-face with the endangered Golden monkey. Rwandan golden monkey tracking expeditions start at 7 am
  • Cultural experiences  in local communities
  • Exploring Kigali Genocide Memorial Center
  • Volcano climbing in Rwanda Volcanoes park
  • Relaxation on Lake Kivu, a hidden gem in Rwanda worth exploring after the gorilla trek
  • Undertaking a canopy walk in Nyungwe National Park
  • Exploring Dian Fossey Tomb & Karisoke Research Center under Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund promotes Mountain gorilla conservation strategies.
  • Bird watching is another rewarding adventure that Rwanda offers
  • Enjoying a traditional meal in a local restaurant

Gorilla Habituation Experience

Gorilla habituation involves gradually getting wild gorillas accustomed to human presence. This process, essential for gorilla tourism, takes place over several months.

Tourists can participate in this process only in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, where they can spend up to four (4) hours with the gorillas. A permit for this experience costs $1500.

Packing List for Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda: What to Carry for a Rwanda Gorilla Trek? 

Below are some of the essential items you need most on the Rwanda gorilla trek in Volcanoes National Park:

  • Gorilla trekking permit.
  • Backpack.
  • A good camera with extra batteries and memory cards.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Walking sticks.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Bottled water.

Best Rwanda Gorilla Safari Lodges During Rwanda Gorilla Safaris

Rwanda Gorilla Safari Lodges & Accommodations

Your Rwanda safari accommodation facilities on a gorilla Rwanda safari tour can be either luxury, mid-range, or budget. You have a right to choose! These are the popular lodges we use while on gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda Volcanoes National Park:

Rwanda Luxury Gorilla Safari Accommodation

These high-end hotels and luxury lodges in Volcanoes National Park include:

  • Bisate Lodge
  • Amakoro Songa Lodge
  • Kataza House
  • Ruzizi Tented Camp
  • Karenga Bush Camp

Mid-range Accommodation

Mid-range lodges in Volcanoes National Park include:

  • Fravan Eco Resort
  • Eagle View Lodge
  • My Hill Eco Lodge
  • Urugano Virunga Palace
  • La Palme Hotel

Budget Gorilla Safari Accommodation

Budget lodges are also defined as basic safari lodges and are ideal, especially for those traveling on a budget or shoestring. Compared to luxury and some midrange lodges, their services are limited.

These lodges include Hotel Muhabura, Kinigi Guesthouse, and Villa Gorilla.

The Best Rwanda Gorilla Tour Companies

For an unforgettable gorilla safari in Rwanda, it is essential to use a reputable and reliable tour operator. A trusted Rwanda tour operator will ensure you have a remarkable experience, providing you with a private guide throughout your tour.

Most tourists prefer using a tour operator who can arrange a private guide for the entire safari, offering personalized attention and expert insights. These operators can seamlessly combine primate safaris with wildlife safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, and Congo, covering several national parks and delivering a comprehensive safari experience.

Popular Rwanda Gorilla Tours & Itineraries

There are numerous gorilla trips in Rwanda, and some of the best include:

Rwanda gorilla safari tours can be combined with other Rwanda tours like birding, chimpanzee trekking, primate safaris, Rwanda wildlife safaris in Akagera National Park and national parks in Kenya and Tanzania, and an exploration of the white sand beaches to give you outstanding African safari memories.

Gorilla Trekking Rwanda Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When to Visit Rwanda Gorillas? 

The best time to safari Rwanda gorillas in Volcanoes National Park is during the dry season, but this adventure remains possible all year round. Rwanda’s dry months are experienced from June to early September. During this season, gorilla trekking trails are always dry; likewise, wildlife viewing in Akagera National Park is superb!

The long wet season in Rwanda runs from March to May, and it’s great for budget gorilla safaris in Rwanda.

  1. How Difficult Is Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda?

Rwanda gorilla safaris vary in difficulty, but you should be able to hike an uneven trail for at least 30 minutes and some gorilla hikes can go for 8 hours. Though the gorilla hike is fairly challenging, 99% of clients conquer it and the trek moves at the pace of the last person.

  1. Is gorilla trekking safe in Rwanda? 

Yes, it is safe to visit Rwanda gorillas, with various measures in place to protect both visitors and gorillas. Rangers accompany all Rwanda gorilla treks, and safety guidelines are strictly followed.

  1. Is Rwanda Safe to Visit? Is It Safe to Travel to Rwanda? 

Rwanda is considered one of the safest countries in East Africa. Though it is safe to tour Rwanda, travelers should remain vigilant and generally feel secure.

  1. Can I get a visa on arrival in Rwanda? 

While possible, it is recommended to apply for a visa online in advance to avoid border delays.

It’s possible to get a Rwandan visa upon arrival. It is recommended to apply for a visa online in advance to avoid border delays.

If you are to undertake a combined Rwanda Uganda Kenya safari trip, apply for an East African tourist visa.

  1. What to Expect on Your Rwanda Gorilla Safari Trip?

During a Rwanda gorilla trek in Volcanoes National Park, expect a beautiful hike through bamboo-covered mountains and the thrill of encountering mountain gorillas up close.

You will enjoy magnificent views of the Virunga Mountains.

  1. How Many Days to See Gorillas in Rwanda?

Travelers need a minimum of 1 day for a gorilla trek in Rwanda Volcanoes Park, but three days are recommended for the best experience.

  1. How to Prepare for Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda Volcanoes National Park? 

  • Improve your fitness beforehand and ensure you have the right gear and supplies for the trek during your gorilla tour in Rwanda. This helps you to be relatively fit to manage hiking the hilly jungle.
  • Have an appropriate gorilla parking list, as recommended above
  • Prepare the recommended clothing or attire for your trek, as we have recommended

For more information or to book your Rwanda gorilla trekking safari, please contact us. We specialize in creating memorable experiences for families, groups, and solo travelers.

If you are interested in gorilla tours in Rwanda, please contact us.


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All Gorilla Trekking Rwanda Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions about Rwanda gorilla tours will help you plan your gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda with ease.

Rwanda the land of a thousand hills is among the best destinations for Gorilla trips and visitors are permitted to spend one hour with the apes. This is the same time you spend with the Chimps and Golden Monkeys in Nyungwe National Park which is like Kibale National Park of Uganda. The limited 1 hour is for conservation purposes and not to inconvenience the Gorillas' peace and habitat. This amazing hour is the best time to watch the Gorillas play and care for each other, and it is the time for photography though do not use the flash. This is the same time visitors spend with Gorillas in the Virunga National Park of Congo Democratic Republic or Kahuzi Biega National Park when meeting the Lowland Gorillas.

Gorillas are like any other wild animals as they move from one place to another and you have to search for them in the jungle. Usually, Rwanda Gorilla trekking safaris or primate safaris are between 2-5 hours same as that of Virunga National Park in Congo. Visitors gather at the Volcanoes National Park headquarters in Kinigi at 7 am. They enjoy a short briefing for about 30 minutes, they enjoy morning cultural experiences through the traditional dance of the Rwandan natives. After, you then follow the park rangers in Volcanoes National Park in search of the Gorillas. The hikes can last for anything from 30 minutes to 4 hours or more hours and once you spot the apes you be with them for 1 full hour.

How Much Does It Cost To Visit The Gorillas In Rwanda? Many tourists ask themselves how much a Gorilla safari in Rwanda is. Also, this question is asked by those intending to go on safaris in East Africa i.e. Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, and Uganda. However, the Gorilla safari Rwanda price is based on several factors same as tracking Chimps in Nyungwe Forest National Park or Gorillas in Virunga National Park. Below are factors that make up a Gorilla safari Rwanda price;
  • Gorilla Permit: Gorilla tours require one to have a permit which is at a fee of $1,500 for both foreign residents and citizens of East Africa pay $ 200.
  • Accommodation costs: this will determine the price of your primate safari if you choose either, luxury, mid range, or budget accommodation.
  • Mode of transport: You need to consider the mode of transport you will be using, is it a public means or private means.
  • Considering porters: sometimes you need someone to help you lift heavy equipment.

A 1 day Gorilla trek in Rwanda safari is very possible unlike in Uganda. The 1 day Gorilla trek in Rwanda will depend on the number of people on the safari but consider a fixed fee of the Gorilla permit which is $1500. This 1 day gorilla trek would cost from $1700 per person. This price must be inclusive of a tracking permit, private transport, a guide, and meals.

Seeing Mountain Gorillas is good all year and one can visit Rwanda at any time though the best time is in the dry season/peak season. These months are from June to August and December to February. This is the best time because the trails are dry and accessible leading to successful Gorilla treks as well as in Virunga National Park. Also, wildlife safaris in Akagera National Park are successful as you watch Africa's big 5 with quick sightings as the savannah grasslands are short. And if you are combining Gorilla tours with boat cruises on Lake Kivu, there are better in the dry months. However, the Gorilla treks can be short during the wet season which is not tiring as it is easy to find the Gorillas. They tend to move closer since the food is abundant throughout the entire jungle though the trails may be slippery. The wet months of Rwanda are from March to May and from September to November may not be suitable for wildlife safaris in Akagera National Park.

Gorilla trek is not that hard, though it involves hiking and passing through thick terrains and vegetation, steep slopes, and hills as the Volcanoes National Park is mountainous. Going up those steep slopes and thick vegetation within the forest can be challenging and it needs some bit of physical fitness. If it fails and it is very hard for someone to trek, one can hire porters who can help you carry some of your heavy stuff and carry you on a sedan chair so that you meet the giant apes. The experience is almost the same as that in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park of Uganda and Virunga National Park.

Yes, Gorilla trek is worth it and 100% worth the money. Meeting the Gorillas in their natural habitat is a lifetime experience and unspoken for. Once you trek the Gorillas, you will want more of the experience as you get to see the giant apes feeding, and caring for each other as the young ones jump from one tree branch to another. They may as well want you to take part in their games as they surround you. Wow! You will be amazed by the size of the Silverback Gorillas. Truly, Gorilla trek is worth the money as you as well see other wildlife in other national parks during this amazing visit Rwanda Uganda encounter.

Gorilla trek is one of the best experiences to enjoy during an Africa safari. However, there is a comparison between tracking in Rwanda Uganda. One would want to know which is the better destination for the activity. Rwanda Gorilla trek is mostly for high-end travelers as the Gorilla permit is at a fee of $1500 whereas the one in Uganda is at $700. One can trek Gorillas in a short time of fewer than 2 days as the drive distance from the Kigali International Airport is just 3-4 hours to the trek point.

This is impossible in Uganda as one can do 3 days and upwards as from the airport to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Park is about 11 hours and tracking starts early in the morning. Uganda has cheaper accommodation compared to that of Rwanda though they both have superb lodges. Uganda has more Gorilla families (20) meaning that it can sell 160 Gorilla permits a day unlike Rwanda which has 12 Gorilla family groups and can sell 96 permits a day. One can decide on whatever country they feel going to depending on their schedule and budget but explore Rwanda Uganda Gorilla trips are amazing.

Yes, Rwanda is known for Gorillas and these are the country's primary tourist attractions. Dian Fossey, who was fiercely territorial and despised tourism, brought these Gorillas to the world's notice. She safeguarded and conserved Gorillas in the tropical rain-forests in Volcanoes National Park and Virunga National Park of Congo. Tourists can now visit Rwanda Uganda to trek Gorillas and contribute to their conservation. Uganda and the Congo Democratic Republic are two other countries renowned for their Gorillas. This country is also known for Chimps in Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Yes, you can visit Gorillas in Rwanda whenever you like, but you must first obtain a permit, which costs $1,500 per individual per day. Also, visitors must be at least 15 years old to see Gorillas. Currently, citizens of Rwanda and East Africa are eligible for special discounts. You can also enjoy wildlife safaris in Akagera National Park and other national parks, meet the Chimps in Nyungwe Forest National Park similar to Kibale National Park of Uganda or the apes in Virunga National Park of Congo.
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