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Home » Information » Which is The Most Easy/Tough Gorilla Group To Track in Rwanda? – Rwanda Safari News

Which is The Most Easy/Tough Gorilla Group To Track in Rwanda? – Rwanda Safari News

Behavior of Mountain Gorillas

Susa - A Family

Which is the most easy or tough gorilla group to track on gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda on a gorilla safari Rwanda is the most asked question be it in Uganda or Rwanda.

It’s not a very easy to answer. However, to come up with an answer, there are so many factors to consider before coming up with a final answer.

Rwanda has a total of 10 gorilla families in the Volcanoes National Park situated in the northwestern part of the country.

Each mountain gorilla family is trekked by a group of eight people per day and the allocation of the group depends on the traveler’s fitness or his/her choice.

These gorilla families are located on different altitudes; low altitudes, Medium altitudes, and high altitudes.

This is why travelers are given opportunity to choose which group they want to trek depending on their fitness.

However, regardless of which group trekked, all travelers are assured of a memorable experience on their safari Uganda or Rwanda.

Behavior of Mountain Gorillas

The respective park management also allocated gorilla families depending to the region for your permit.

While you may have the opportunity to make a choice on which group to track, the park management has the full authority and responsibility to assign it to you and it is upon you to accept it or make another choice depending on what you wish to achieve in a given group.

Tips of How To Choose The Best Gorilla Family To Trek On Your Safari Rwanda

The thickness of the route in the forest that you are taking matters a lot in choosing a gorilla family to trek. If you fear forests, request for a group that is near so you trek that one.

Your fitness and age are also key in which group will be easy for you. Those in the late 50s will find it hard to track groups located in the steep terrains.

Though people may say trekking is a bit easy, do not take this hiking for granted. If you have problems with altitude (heights) you also have something to worry about. The elevation is up to 3000m.

In Uganda, gorilla trekking safari are conducted in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park where Bwindi is composed of 4 main sectors where treks usually kick start.

They include Buhoma, Ruhija, Nkuringo and Rushaga region. Each of these trailheads features habituated groups for visitors to track and visitors are assigned a group early in the morning in the course of pre-trekking briefing on dos and don’ts to be followed while you are on a gorilla trek.

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