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Rwanda Culture as Its Pride

nyanza RwandaThe destination Rwanda is one of the unique Africa Safari tour sites with exciting and amazing cultural experiences.

With her three tribal groups namely the Tutsi, Hutu and Twa that share a homogeneous language, Rwanda’s culture has flowed from series of generations and unlike others that have been weakened by modernity; its glory is restored on every day that passes.

The southern areas of Nyanza and Butare apparently stand as the hot spot for those interested exploring culture while on Safaris in Rwanda.

Their profoundness dates far back to the ancient times when the historical Rwandan Monarchy was still reigning. In fact, the region was the main administrative point and apparently houses the last remains of the Rwandan monarchy.

At Nyanza, the palace of the two Kings of Rwanda namely; King Musinga and his successor King Rudahigwa has been preserved.

The traditional royal hut with its very magnificent architecture marks the epitome of the beautiful type of housing that existed in traditional Rwanda while the long horned Inyambo cows at the site demonstrate the beautiful livestock which did not only provide the livelihood but also served as center of status and social exchange.

Travelers on Rwanda Safaris and Tours and Gorilla Safaris in Rwanda are always mesmerized by this historical palace.

Further to the south, there lies the National Institute of Rwandan Museums in Butare which is home to over 100,000 artifacts detailing the history and heritage of Rwanda.

It is a uniquely designed museum with very attractive display that ranks it among the best museums in the region of East Africa.

The Rwesero Art Gallery which was meant to be the palace of King Rudahigwa but only to pass away before occupying it apparently showcases the Rwandan art in contemporary times.

The beauty of Rwandan Culture cannot be explored to the climax without experiencing an exciting Intore dance performance.

This is available at Nyanza Palace and the dancing, singing and drumming patterns would definitely leave the Rwanda tour undertakers in a state of wonder!

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