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Tourist Attractions and Activities In Uganda

Positioned in the East of Africa, Uganda is a member of the East African Federation that is comprised of five countries including Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. Geographically, Uganda lies along the coordinates of 1 00N, 32 00E with coverage of 236,040 Sq. Km. Uganda is a land locked country thus it uses Kenya and Tanzania to get to the coast for her export and import business. Lake Albert at 621m is the lowest point in Uganda while Margarita peak on Mount Ruwenzori 5,109m is the highest point in the country. Since Uganda lies along the equator, the country experiences both wet and dry seasons with two rain seasons in a year.

Considering the tourism perspective, Uganda is a rich safari destination with diverse products that stretch from culture to wild game, adventure, Primates among others. It is in Uganda where the East African Savannah adjoins the West African jungle which forms the ground for existence of diverse biodiversity that dwells in varied eco-systems. Some of the forests that lie in the west of the country like Bwindi are known to have survived the last ice age and thus provided a refugee for many species that in turn led high bio-diversity concentration and existence of endemic and endangered species like the mountain gorillas.

In terms of adventure, the River Nile which is the longest river in the world offers the thrilling water rafting and bungee jumping in Jinja while the natural wonders like the powerful Murchison falls, Mount Elgon Caldera, Snowcapped Rwenzori Mountains, largest fresh water lake in Africa and the second in the world, almost a half of the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas and the world’s latitude crossing – the equator. Besides nature, Uganda is has diverse cultural base with over 65 tribes.

These tribes have unique cultures that are still alive and marked by a range of events and festivities to commemorate specific seasons of the year. The Baganda which is the dominant tribe has got its famous heritage like the Kasubi tombs which is also a world heritage site, the Imbalu festival among the Bagisu marking their circumcision practice in every even year, the Banyankole with their beautiful Ankole long horned cattle that are believed to have been bequeathed upon them by their godlike ancestors – the Bachwezi and the northern tribes with their energetic dances not forgetting the nomadic Karimajong in the far north east. Considering this background, Uganda is a perfect ground for a range of safaris including wildlife safaris, gorilla safaris, Chimpanzee trekking safaris, adventure tours, cultural tours and eco–tours.